I’m Victoria Nicodemus…welcome to Abide In Hope.

As we continue to watch things unfold, in these very last of the “Last Days” I want to encourage you with inspirational quotes, profound scripture references and resources to assist you in your spiritual growth, and daily walk with the Lord.

I’m Victoria Nicodemus


ALMANAH Look up the Greek or Hebrew of a passage that the Lord leads you to, and the other scripture verses that use that particular word..it’s a pretty PROFOUND EXPERIENCE….it’s like the word “Almanah”…it is ALWAYS translated as widow, but there is no exact English translation… 🤓Almanah denotes a woman who was once married but…

Fear of Church

I come from a long line of artists and musicians, and grew up watching my uncles play, while my mom waitressed, in this small Texas pub… I remember sitting up at the bar with my grandpa, while my mom worked and her brothers played. My grandmother would come get me pretty early, but I remember…

Fearfully Made

Knowing God Fearfully Made The image here is from an original watercolor painting that I did, as I was coming to really understand my identity in Christ. It commemorates a time when the Lord healed me of the wounds of my past, and helped me break free from negative mindsets, destructive behaviors, and the lies…

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