5 Reason’s NOT to Rush Marriage

There are MANY single’s in the Church that are in a hurry to get married, and although I’m ALL FOR marriage, I’d like to give you 5 reason’s not to rush into it.



  1. These days there are a lot of people looking for what they can GET out of marriage, rather than what they can give, and it takes TWO GIVERS to make a marriage work. Take it slow. When someone is presenting you with a facade, over time they will reveal themselves. However when your head is spinning from a euphoric courtship, you may be too caught up in the romance and excitement of getting married, to notice some warning signs that this person is not who they appear to be.
  2. It may seem like it takes forever to wait around for the RIGHT person, but I PROMISE YOU it takes longer to marry someone you’re NOT compatible with, and THEN go through a divorce, than it would have to just wait a bit longer, for the person that God intends for you. 
  3. DON’T SETTLE! And while you’re single, learn to get to know, and LOVE YOURSELF. I know it’s hard to be alone, especially during the holiday’s. But it is far more difficult to be in a disappointing marriage, than it is to be alone for a period of time. Instead of getting the holiday blues, make prearranged dates with yourself! Take a walk in the park, or through the museum. Go out and buy yourself flowers, and a bottle of wine. Enjoy your favorite meal, and then light some candles and enjoy a long hot bath. Fill the air with music that moves your soul. God say’s to love other’s as we love ourselves, but if we don’t first learn self love, how much love can we really show someone else.
  4. If you are focusing more of your time on imagining being married, or chasing after the person you’re sure you want to marry, than you are in that quiet place with the Lord, then you’re not ready for marriage. Marriage only works when both people are putting God FIRST. If you’re not putting Him first before marriage, you probably won’t after. One of the most difficult things that couples go through is not having their expectations met, and sadly people are OFTEN looking to someone, or something outside themselves, to fulfill them in ways that ONLY GOD CAN. Then they get married THINKING that person is going to make them feel whole, and they’re disappointed to find that’s not possible. It’s an unquenchable thirst. One that will eventually exhaust the person that’s trying to satisfy it. Learn to have an intimate relationship with God, and then your cup will be overflowing and you’ll become a giver, not a taker.
  5. Enjoy your singleness. Often we become destination oriented, and can’t experience joy for where we are, because we’re too busy longing for, where we hope to be soon. A grass is always greener kind of thing. When we’re in unhappy relationships we want out, and when we’re single and lonely we want a partner. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy! Make a gratitude list of things you like about being alone. You know, the things you longed for, when you were in your last relationship that didn’t work! Go out with your friends, and feel relaxed that you don’t know what time you’ll be back. Flirt with the guy or girl at the coffee shop, and enjoy the possibilities that ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN TODAY!

I encourage you to continue to PRAY for the man or woman that your heart desires, then let the Lord take His time transforming you into the person that’s worthy of the husband/wife you are praying for!

You are worth the wait! 


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