Is Civil War in 2020 Inevitable?

Is it really possible that the civil unrest that we’ve been seeing over recent months here in America, could explode into a full on civil war in 2020?!?

Many experts think it’s very likely that THAT is exactly what we’re seeing unfold, and that it’s all set to take off and get ugly, right after todays 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

“So there is a lot of talk about the impending civil war. I find it funny that the people on both the left and right who want war have never tasted it. They have never seen it, had the smell of it permeate their clothes. Most of them have never left the comfort of their mommys home. They have never stayed awake for 3 days and still had to perform their duty. They had never had to ration their own water and food to survive longer than it takes to walk to the fridge for a pudding cup.

War is hell, it is fought by men and women who trained their whole lives for it. Its breaks even the strongest of men in ways that they cant be fixed. The physical and emotional scars are carried with them until the day they are carried to their final resting place. I hope that my war is over and that I fought enough so that my children and grandchildren never have to see what my eyes have seen. For those who still want war I pray you read this and understand. War is not a video game you can turn off when you get tired, you don’t respawn, you only get one life. I suggest you use that life for the betterment of man kind. Do not pray for war, you will not like it. Its not a game, people will suffer, they will bleed and they will die. Once the war machine has been turned on it is very hard to turn off. Go home stop the looting, the burning and the destruction.

Just Stop

Before it’s too late.”

~Rey Flete

Please take a moment to watch this interview that I just did with SGT Rey Flete, 22 year Combat Medic for the U.S. Army, where he speaks from political middle ground, as he explains what we could expect if todays civil unrest escalates, as the final votes are coming in.

Well there you have it folks. Don’t forget to get out and vote today because this may very well be the most important Presidential election in American history! No matter who you are, or which side of the fence your political beliefs lie, NO ONE will be able to escape the consequences of todays election.

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