Encounter With God; Christian Testimony

My name is Victoria Nicodemus, host of Abide In Hope. When I was a young girl I experienced a supernatural encounter with God. This video is my testimony of that experience, or what is commonly referred to as a “Christian testimony.”

Victoria Nicodemus

Definition of Testimony

Let me first begin by giving you a definition of TESTIMONY: a personal Christian testimony however is the story of how a person in a relationship with God, came to know the Lord in the first place. It’s an explanation of what this supernatural encounter was like, and gives anyone who would like to know, an understanding of how they too can come into relationship with the Lord through Jesus Christ. A testimony can also be sharing a story of a miraculous intervention that the Lord did in someone’s life…a healing, a financial breakthrough… or it can be of the experience of hearing God speak through another person, a scripture verse, a sermon, a voice of spirit, a dream or even an audible voice. A testimony is simply a given account by a person, of a supernatural experience they had with God.

How To Become a Christian

An encounter with God will many times lead to a person becoming a Christian. Christian means “Christ follower” or in simpler terms, it means to be in a relationship with the person who LOVES YOU THE MOST! I won’t go into anymore detail than that right now, but if you have any questions, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME. I’d love to help. CONTACT ME:

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