Look up the Greek or Hebrew of a passage that the Lord leads you to, and the other scripture verses that use that particular’s a pretty PROFOUND EXPERIENCE….it’s like the word “Almanah”…it is ALWAYS translated as widow, but there is no exact English translation…

🤓Almanah denotes a woman who was once married but who no longer has a covering…an adult male who protects and provides …she’s out in the world alone…no earthily father, her husband may be missing or has “put her away” which was a common practice in biblical times, where although they were still legally married, he no longer protected or provided for her…or in some cases her husband may have died…but there’s no adult son, or new husband who has stepped in, and this woman is out in the world without a man that has her back. Most of the single moms I know would fit into this category..but many widows by English definition would not…

There are something like 50 scripture verses that talk about the legal protections on this particular group of women, and yet MOST pastors never discuss who these women are..and for many churches these are the women who are rejected and mistreated..why? 

Could it be that the pastors aren’t learning the original tongue of the Bible?


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