ALMANAH Look up the Greek or Hebrew of a passage that the Lord leads you to, and the other scripture verses that use that particular's a pretty PROFOUND's like the word "Almanah" is ALWAYS translated as widow, but there is no exact English translation... 🤓Almanah denotes a woman who was once married but... Continue Reading →

Fear of Church

I come from a long line of artists and musicians, and grew up watching my uncles play, while my mom waitressed, in this small Texas pub... I remember sitting up at the bar with my grandpa, while my mom worked and her brothers played. My grandmother would come get me pretty early, but I remember... Continue Reading →

God Does the Impossible

As most of you know my life has not been an easy one...I was born with a "Fragile X" which put me at a high functioning level of the autism daughter has it too. Needless to say that in the 70's people knew nothing of autism or ADHD, and single mothers were not as... Continue Reading →


With no friends or family, God became my best friend, and my Father in a very real and tangible sense. Over the years the Lord has taught me about life, how to love myself and forgive those who've hurt me.

Surviving Mother’s Day

My heart goes out to all the mothers who've lost children, or given them up through adoption. Those who've had miscarriages, and even those who've opted to terminate pregnancies. My heart aches for those who've lost their children in vicious custody battles, and all those birth mothers who for whatever reason, weren't able to raise their children themselves.

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