Are You Against Racism? Really?

With the “racist white people” that so many are talking about BEING THE PROBLEM…I have to make a point here: 🧐 I’ve never met a white supremacist in my entire life…and I have grown up in the deep south, going to BBQ’s and hanging out at the lake…attending football games, and concerts…you know SOUTHERN THANGS. And yet, I don’t hear people use the “N” word, or have hate towards immigrants of any color, EVER. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I don’t deny that there has been a history of racism in this country, but for the last two generations or so…the tide has changed, and the white people that I know, simply are NOT racist, period. Also LOVING AMERICA doesn’t mean that a person hates anyone…it just means that they love what America stands for, including justice and liberty for ALL people, regardless of the color of their skin, or their economic status. In fact, I think the problem of the “white racist” in these modern times, is a bit of fiction intended to divide us..and by “US” I mean the “working class Americans”…😳 HOWEVER, I am hearing a lot of racist statements, that are coming from my friends who are of color. People I love, that for whatever reason think that it is socially acceptable, (that while they CLAIM to hate racism) they feel entitled to make racists statements about white people, and each other. Racism is racism, regardless of the color of the skin, of the person who is BEING a RACIST. πŸ˜’ The most common one that I hear, is the use of the term “Karen.” And I hear MANY of my friends use this term, and get a big belly laugh out of it…so tell me, πŸ€” is it that you are against racism? Or is it just that you’re against white people being racist against people of color? I’d like to ask, what is this really about? Do you have unhealed wounds, that cause you to lash out? Do you think that HATE is ok, as long as you’ve suffered? ⚑️Well GUESS WHAT, we’ve all suffered. My life has been hard, and sometimes it was made harder because of the color of my skin…but I don’t think every person is racist, just because I’ve had some bad experiences…I’ve been denied jobs, and resources because they said I didn’t “look” indigent. That’s crazy to me…and yet there’s no affirmative action for the poor white families in the south. NONE. The one thing that was helping many of the women in the south get a scholarship, and be the first person in their family to go to college, was women’s sports. But that is being taken away as we speak, because of the LGBQ legislation, as these new laws throw 100 years of women’s rights, out the window. But who am I to say anything, right? Just SHUT UP KAREN. ***Look, if we think that racism is wrong, (which I do) then we need to say racism in all it’s forms is WRONG, period. We need to stop having a double standard, and instead be open to the fact that every person is fighting battles that YOU KNOW NOTHING about. That we’ve all suffered and much of that suffering is perpetuated by the elite wealthy, using and abusing the working class of every color. This shouldn’t be about race at all, but about WE THE PEOPLE. We should UNITE as a country of the people, and by the people. Stop these elites from giving away 700 Billion dollars to other countries, and giving themselves raises, while keeping our businesses shut down, and throwing the tax payers of this country crumbs, of their OWN MONEY, during this pandemic! πŸ₯Ί I promise you this…they (the elite) are trying to divide us, to conquer us. To take everything we have, and leave us unable to do anything about it. πŸ˜• YES slavery of black people was a great injustice, and we’ve (as a country) spent DECADES implementing programs, and resources to lift up those families that were affected by slavery. However, the modern day slavery, which is an actual problem RIGHT NOW is sex trafficking. That’s right, the pimps GLORIFIED in hip hop music, are the modern day slave owners. So are you against slavery? Because much of the leftist legislation is attempting (and in some places succeeding) in lowering the age of consent to 10 years old. So that a grown man having sex with a pre-pubescent child is LEGAL. Then Harris is stating that she is going to make prostitution LEGAL which would make it IMPOSSIBLE to prosecute those who are trafficking children of 10 years old or older for sex. We need to STAND UP NOW, and stop focusing our differences. If you are against slavery then FIGHT…because these women, and children are slaves. And there’s nothing good about slavery or racism in any form. You just have to decide if you’re REALLY against it…or not.

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